eukhost is a provider of fully managed WordPress hosting for bloggers


eUKhost is a provider of fully managed WordPress hosting for bloggers

If you're a blogger looking to develop a website, one website building platform stands out above the rest: WordPress.

It contains everything you need to create an engaging, feature-rich blog. It was originally intended for blogging and is now the world's most popular website software.

The success of any blog or website is, however, dependent on the quality of its hosting.
So let's look at eukhost, a fully managed WordPress hosting company, and what it has to offer.

What exactly is managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that is tailored to suit the specific needs of the WordPress content management system.

The CMS is made up of core software, a MySQL database, a distinct theme, and a collection of different plugins that users install to add other capabilities. Because of this structure, the website runs numerous scripts continuously, and this degree of processing might influence server performance, causing the website to load slowly and behave sluggishly.

WordPress hosting overcomes this by optimizing the server to meet the demands of the platform.

At its best, this is accomplished by utilizing high-performance Intel Xeon processors and SSD storage, as well as NGINX cache, HTTP2, PHP7+OPcache, and other technologies. These are characteristics you would not generally expect to find in servers designed to handle a variety of platforms.

While WordPress hosting is tailored to the demands of the platform, "fully managed" hosting is tailored to the needs of the blogger. On a WordPress blog, you must maintain three levels of website management.

The most crucial thing for you will be to manage the content and appearance of your site through the WordPress admin panel.

You'll also need to manage your hosting and email, as well as perform other administrative and maintenance work using your control panel.

Finally, there is the more difficult chore of administering the server itself, such as updating and patching the operating system and ensuring that your server is performing well.

Fully managed hosting is when your web host handles all of the server management responsibilities for you. The burden of running a blog is significantly lessened with this in place.

above and beyond

While these are the primary qualities of fully managed WordPress hosting, some web hosts go above and beyond, offering features that make other aspects of website maintenance much easier, as well as services that keep your site secure and tools that help your blog flourish.

Here are some of the things to keep an eye out for.

The Toolkit for WordPress

The WordPress Toolkit is a control panel designed specifically for managing WordPress websites, with everything you need to manage your blog and hosting. It includes tools such as a one-click installer that allows you to install WordPress in less than 30 seconds; a multi-site manager that allows you to manage multiple blogs from a single interface; and the ability to automatically install security patches, preventing your site from becoming vulnerable to attack.

One of its most helpful features is that it allows you to make modifications to your sites in a development environment, such as adding new themes or plugins. In this manner, you can ensure that everything functions properly before going live. As a result, updates that would otherwise have taken your blog offline or rendered it inoperable can be avoided. Furthermore, if problems develop during a change, you can roll back to prior versions rather than start again.

Because many bloggers aren't IT experts, one of the most useful features of WordPress Toolkit is its built-in security counselor. This allows you to scan all of your WordPress sites for security flaws and resolve them with a few clicks. It even offers a one-click hardening function that automatically adds best practice security protections with a single click. A reputable web host will, of course, protect your server from hacking and malware with a strong firewall and offer a variety of additional security options, such as free SSL certificates and spam filtering.

Hosting for e-mail

While the domain name you purchase for your blog can also be used for your email address (e.g.,, not all WordPress hosting plans include email hosting. It's a good idea to select a package that allows you to use your professional brand email. This eliminates the need to pay for a separate email hosting account and will enable you to manage your email, such as adding new addresses, setting up forwarding and auto-responders, and so on, in the same location where you control the rest of your hosting.

You should also ensure that any email hosting service offered is fit for purpose, i.e., can it be integrated with Outlook and other clients? Is it possible to view it through webmail? Is it equipped with calendars, contacts, and tasks? Are spam, malware, and phishing filter available?

Upgrades to VPS

Most blogs will benefit from shared WordPress hosting because it provides ample storage and resources. Most WordPress hosting companies do provide a variety of plants that grow in size as your blog and visitors grow. However, if you become so successful that you have a large following or manage numerous blogs that receive a lot of traffic, shared WordPress hosting may no longer be enough. In such a situation, you'll need to upgrade to the next level of hosting, which is a virtual private server (VPS).

Even though VPS is considerably superior to shared hosting, just a few web hosts, such as eukhost, have decided to offer their customers managed VPS WordPress hosting. So, if you want all of the advantages of fully managed WordPress hosting with the power and performance of a VPS, these are the service providers to choose from.

backups every day for free

Blogs are frequently labor of passion on which people work for years. Losing all those postings implies not just the loss of years of work, but also the loss of your audience and hard-earned cash. Cyberattacks, hardware failure, software corruption, or even inadvertent deletion can all result in the loss of your content and possibly your entire website.

There is, however, a simple method that can ensure calamities like these are quickly resolved: take regular backups of your website. Some fully managed WordPress hosting solutions feature free daily backups as part of the package, so you won't have to pay extra for the service. Indeed, you will not even have to create backups; they will be created automatically for you and stored in case you ever need them.

24-hour/7 support

The majority of bloggers will cheerfully confess that, while they are generally competent at establishing the public face of their website, managing the backend can be challenging. This means that if something goes wrong, they will require assistance to correct the situation. As a result, bloggers should select a WordPress hosting plan that includes free, 24/7 technical assistance as standard. In this manner, qualified assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you solve your difficulties. Additionally, look for a host that offers support in the form of knowledge bases and community forums, as well as a helpful blog of their own.


Fully managed WordPress hosting is great for WordPress blogs and other websites, as it optimizes performance while taking care of the server management difficulties. The top web hosts, on the other hand, go above and above, offering a plethora of other tools that make maintaining your website easier, and more secure, and provide you with support throughout your blogging adventure.

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