Remodeling kitchen shelves


Remodeling kitchen shelves


The open shelving kitchen trend has been around for a few years now, but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere in the real world. Because this look isn't for everyone, it might be a good choice for you if you want to add some new, fresh vibes to your home.

I don't think you should do this if you're always trying to clean up a lot at home. But for everyone else, here are ten reasons why you might want to give open shelving a try in your own home or office.


In general, it is more flexible.


Believe it or not, open shelving is something that you can get used to. You can start slowly. Start by taking your cabinet doors off. This will let you see if the open-shelving thing is right for you. You might want to change your cabinets to real open shelves if it does.


If you want to, you can try a combo platter.


People who are sure they want to open up their kitchens don't have to open all the shelves. You might want to try a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets for the best storage flexibility. Open shelving can be used for the rest of your space, but you can keep some closed cabinets to keep things tidy.


It would help if you filled some weird places.


Open shelving is also a good idea if you have a lot of space in your kitchen. If you didn't have this custom shelving around the door frame, you wouldn't have been able to use this space.


Because you love Vignettes, you can't get enough of them.


Because if you love "shelfies" more than you love selfies, open shelving might be the right choice. I'll be able to change the look of my room all the time by moving things around on the shelves and making new vignettes. This is a good choice if you like to change up the decor in your home and the seasons.

Keeps things tidy


Open shelving might be a good idea for a built-in, training-wheel kitchen set-up. It will look like a hot-mess yard sale if you don't keep your kitchen clean.


It's great for people who like to keep things.


Open shelving is also good for people who like to collect things. It doesn't matter if you like glassware or china. You can show off all of your favorite things with open shelves in your home.


It's a Budget-Friendly Way to Do It.


In the past, if you've done a kitchen remodel, you know that cabinetry can be one of your highest costs. However, if you go with an open shelving plan in your kitchen, you can save money. As an interim solution, if you know you want closed cabinets but can't afford them right now, you could put cheap open shelving in your room.


It's very convenient for business.


They say that having all of your kitchen items out in front and easy to reach is a huge help for people who entertain and cook. Guests will be able to find what they need quickly, and you won't have to think about where your good china might be hidden again.


People can see what they have.


Open storage in a pantry, rather than too many baskets and other devices, allows you to see and get to your staples at a glance.


Open shelving makes it easy to clean.


Items stored in an open shelving arrangement tend to be used more often, so they don't get dirty. With everything in front of you, it is much easier to wipe down open surfaces because everything is so close together.