How to design a small kitchen


How to design a small kitchen


One of our favourite parts of the house to decorate is the kitchen, which we love to do. It is a place where everyone tends to gather in the house. There's a lot of work to be done in the kitchen. We all want to have a new, custom-made kitchen with a big island and more cabinetry than we know what to do with, right? Many of us have small kitchens. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out how to make such small spaces work for us and look good at the same time. We've made a lot of kitchens, and we've seen them in all shapes and sizes. Promise! You don't have to give up style for function, I promise!


Begin by making a space plan that works well for your home or office.


Having a good floor plan is even more important if you have a small space. In this case, even though the kitchen is beautiful, it won't work. Make sure your sink, refrigerator, and stovetop are all easy to get to and have enough counter space for each one. Pay attention to the cabinetry layout to ensure there is enough space for the things you use every day.


Whether you do this literally or just in your head, you should walk through the space to figure out what works best for you. A small kitchen that you love will have a lot to do with everything from the floor plan to the cabinetry.


Keep to the same colour scheme.


Make sure to choose the colours you want to work with from the start and stick to them. When there are too many colours in a small space, they will make the room feel too crowded. We made Anne Sage's kitchen look like it had a lot of wood with white and grey elements. Then we added in the black appliances, brass hardware, and the carpet. It makes the space look bigger and more inviting if you keep the same colour scheme. No matter what colours you choose, it's best to keep everything the same in a small kitchen.


Make a mess of the cabinetry.


Stores matter when you have a small space. Some people don't like having too much cabinetry, so we like to add a few things that make the room feel more open. There are many ways to make this happen, but the most common is putting in a range hood over a microwave vent with extra cabinetry and open shelves. If you don't like having open shelves, you could have glass doors on some of your cabinets. These simple changes will make your kitchen feel more open. There isn't a window in our Hillside Remodel, so we put open shelves above the sink. Looking at pretty shelves instead of a cabinet is what our client can do while she cleans up.


carefully choose the lighting


If your kitchen is small, it's even more important to ensure your lighting is doing its job well. Even if you use a lot of tricks to make it look bigger, bad lighting will always make a space look small. There might not be a place to hang pendant lights over an island in your kitchen, so we like to hang one above the kitchen sink to add another level of lighting and make sure you aren't doing your dishes in the dark! We also like to put sconces above open shelves or a window. Flush-mounted lights will make the room look brighter, so you should put them on the ceiling. Lighting will play a big part in making your small kitchen look bigger.